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Our solutions focus on the human factors that build or compromise your security - from outside or from within.

Your networks – Your applications – Your user management and devices – Your governance policies.

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Armadillo has the skills and experience to provide complete security visibility, protection and remediation across the whole of your business

We take a forensic and socially engineered approach to securing your current and future data.

Working with Armadillo Managed Services is a different proposition. We keep it simple. We ensure that your solutions are scoped from end to end, and where we discover efficiencies we will work with you to see if and how they can be deployed.

Every time you pick up the phone, day or night, you will speak to a trained and accredited Armadillo engineer. Our technical team monitors your solution day and night, proactively managing alerts and will take the appropriate action, always ensuring that you know exactly what is going on.

What our Clients say

Testimonials Quots

  • We needed an experienced and reliable partner with high levels of technical expertise to provide a secure and resilient, business critical remote access solution – we chose Armadillo Managed Services Ltd. It was the right choice and we would make that choice again. Not only were we impressed with Armadillo’s ability to get round whatever challenges cropped up during the design and initial deployment, but we also found that Armadillo were flexible, creative and very professional in support of the solution itself. We regard Armadillo as a valued partner and will continue to work with them in future projects.

    Group Technical Manager - Go-Ahead Group PLC
  • We do feel, genuinely, that Armadillo Managed Services are an extension of our team and, with their continuity of technical staff, they provide a seamless level of support.   We feel as confident using Armadillo Managed Services for work as we would do using internal staff.

    Director at large Pharmaceutical organisation
  • The choice of engaging with Armadillo Managed Services was the right choice and has proved to be a very fruitful relationship.

    Network Service Manager, Camelot
  • I know it’s a cliché, but they do go the extra mile.

    Network Service Manager, Camelot

Our Process

We call our process the ‘Armadillo Approach’. It establishes trust in your trading networks, complies with regulatory pressures and creates peace of mind in an ever changing world.

The Armadillo Approach

Simplicity is the key to delivering effective solutions. We deliver our Managed Services in five simple steps:

Armadillo Managed Services - Cyber Security

1. Discovery

Under NDA we learn about your environment, your requirements, your culture, your budget, your schedule and your security challenges.  We evaluate the best possible solution and we’re honest enough to tell you if we can’t deliver it.

Armadillo Managed Services - Cyber Security

2. Proposal

We conduct interviews with key team members to understand the key issues and translate this into technical and service designs that reflect the optimum solution.  We also provide draft commercial agreements and an initial scope of work.

Armadillo Managed Services - Cyber Security

3. Sign Off

We deliver a Statement of Work, based on detailed designs, testing requirements, monitoring alerting and reporting requirements and business process transitioning.

Armadillo Managed Services - Cyber Security

4. Execution

We deliver the solution and set up your support services, reporting mechanisms, your monitoring and alerts and we ensure that the system is tested and working prior to roll out.  We also train your team.

Armadillo Managed Services - Cyber Security

5. Service Transition

Alongside your team, all final technical, service, monitoring and alerting re-calibration is carried out.  Finally, Armadillo technical and delivery managers are appointed to ensure our ongoing services meet your requirements.

Armadillo Managed Services - Cyber Security

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Armadillo Managed Services
Identify. Respond. Manage.

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...over 117,000 incidents per day
...48% increase in cyber attacks during 2014
...84% security incidents involve trusted insiders

We are different

Resellers or Armadillo? The benefits are clear, we are the difference!




Ability to be agile and flexible in our processes.
Understand your business issues and deploy the correct products and services which suit a specific environment.
Technical Support team and processes which over achieves on industry standards.
Constantly reviewing new technology and introducing to our customers.
Work with your already installed infrastructure to recommend complimentary solutions to solve an issue.
Deliver solutions to pre-empt a constantly evolving Cyber threat landscape, from both outside the network and from within.




Work to a tight process which does not change.


Deliver product based on achieving revenue goals within their own business.


Technical Support teams which do no more than they have to.


Work with legacy partners who have little or no thought leadership within the IT landscape.


Deliver products without thought to what is already installed within the business and if it will compliment existing technologies.

Installs technology which meets only one of the objectives with no thought for future cyber threat.

combined years security experience...
Active Clients...
end users supported...

Who we are

About Armadillo Managed Services

Armadillo is a new breed of cyber security practice.

We focus on enabling businesses to conduct their business in confidence, without fear of security attack and without compromising how they operate. We go beyond cybersecurity to build cyber resilience that works in tune with your business, preventing downtime and loss of revenue, protecting reputation and enabling you to stay focused on achieving business outcomes.

We consult on resilient cyber security that improves your ability to detect, withstand and respond to security attacks.

We provide three practice areas offering cyber security advisory, managed security services and advanced technologies.

We enable businesses to define, deliver and maintain a robust, pragmatic and compliant cybersecurity programme through flexible security solutions and expert advice on emerging technologies that help you to get ahead of attacker innovations.

Armadillo Managed Services

Identify. Manage. Respond.

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Testimonials Quots

  • You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

  • To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

    Douglas Adams

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